Asia Pacific Mining Limited - Investing in Myanmar and its mining sector
Project Pipeline - largest private geologic library and database in country
Local Expertise - More than two decades of management experiencer in Myanmar
Proven Track Record - First Western-led company to be granted large-scale exploration licence in Myanmar
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About APML

“The best investment opportunity in the world” is newly-opened Myanmar. This Asian tiger cub is a market of 60 million people, ready for business after a half-century of isolation. The management of Asia Pacific Mining have had more than two decades of local experience to create a direct investment vehicle in one of the country’s highest-growth potential sectors: mineral exploration and development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create one of the world’s largest exploration and mining companies focussed on Myanmar, working transparently and honestly in partnership with local communities and the government to generate benefits for all stakeholders, for decades to come. For the same reason that the world needs mining—as everything in life that is not grown must come from the ground—we see an opportunity for the minerals sector to help Myanmar continue the unprecedented modern development the country has enjoyed in recent years.


Our strategy is very simple:

  • Use unrivalled, privately held geologic and mining database containing historic mine maps, proprietary surveys, and hundreds of thousands of assays to build the most prospective exploration portfolio in the country.
  • Use leading-edge expertise and the best exploration technology to maximise discovery potential.
  • Partner with industry-leading groups, leveraging our database in return for a share of generated projects.